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Mangazuki is a Comic and Manga site. There are lots of people especially young readers, who make the struggle to improve their reading skills.

The people can get benefited from the visual format of the comic books and graphic novel, by using the intense visuals and focus on the plot, and character, comic books are more engaging rather than the literary media. Such as novels or short stories. Comic books help people to develop the reading skills to comprehend texts with higher levels of difficulty. When people read comic books. The more you read, you become a better reader.

Why Advertising is Important in Business?

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Why Advertising is Important in Business

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Advertise with Mangazuki

If you are thinking that you can easily access all your online prospects of the marketing, need to think again, here you can find all the information, you need to advertise on the Mangazuki. You can feel the major effect to advertise with Mangazuki, it does not only increase the reach of the people but also help to sell out the products at a large extent. 

I highly recommended you to read more about the Mangazuki page to know more about the Mangazuki community, which aspects the company offers. Since its inception, we received positive feedback of the people around the globe. It becomes one of the most popular comic book sites about the world.

Our Latest Stats:
  • Daily visits: 120,000+
  • Daily page views: 1M+
  • Monthly page views: +32M (79% Organic)
  • Top Geo’s: USA, Indonesia, Canada, UK, India, Thailand etc.

The company update these stats every 2 months. If you have any queries regarding website traffic, the user can drop an Email to resolve an issue.

Display Ads:

The willing people can inquire and pre and free book the slots at Mangazuki. Here are some slots are available 

  • 728*90 Header: $3500/month
  • 468*60 After Post: $2600/month
  • 300*250 Sidebar : $3200/month
  • Tab Ads: $5000/month
  • Between Images: $6000/month


If you have the creative an idea for the add placement feel free to contact us. The creative ideas are always welcome. The company will make changes in your ideas according to your requirements and needs. 

Payment Mode:

The Company Accept the Payments Only Through Payoneer

For Further Info and Queries About Advertising, Directly Email To Us:

[email protected]

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